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This Help page will guide you through the site. You can also view the most Frequently Asked Questions.
The main areas of the site may be accessed from the navigation bar along the top of each page. These areas are outlined below.


The home page contains brief introductory text about Diplomatic Reception Tours at the Department of State and telephone contact information.

Available tour times and services offered for those that are physically challenged are also listed on this home page.


This section will provide answers to most of the questions that are frequently asked about Reception Tours at the Department of State. If you do not find the answer you need, please click on the 'Feedback' link to send us any questions, comments, or concerns you have.

Request A Tour

To submit a request to tour the Diplomatic Reception areas, click on the 'Request A Tour' link to the left. This will display an online request form for you to submit your request.

Select the 'Request Type': (required field)

Individual - for any person wishing to take the tour.
Group - for multiple people in the same group. A group name will be required.
Congressional - for a Senator or Representative and their guest.

Select the 'Requested Tour Date': (required field)
This can be inputted by selecting the date from the calendar.

Select the 'Tour Time': (required field)
9:30 am, 10:30 am, 2:45 pm are the three tour times available that can be selected from the drop-down box. Upon your selection of a tour time, you can click the "View Available Slots" to see how many slots are available for the day and time you have selected.

If you selected "Group" as your 'Request Type' above, 'Name of Group' is required.
Enter the name of your group

If you selected "Congressional" as your 'Request Type' above then the following information is required.
(?????Enter the 'Name of Senator or Representative')
Enter the 'Congressional Point of Contact'. This will be the name of the person to contact if there are any changes or questions.
Enter the 'Congressional POC Publicly Available Phone Number'. This will be the POC's publicly available phone number.
Enter the 'Congressional POC Publicly Available Email Address'. This will be the POC's publicly available email address.

If you selected "Group" or "Individual" as your 'Request Type' above then the following information is required.
Enter your 'First Name' (required field)
Enter your 'Middle Name' (optional field)
If you elect to enter this information, it must be your full middle name and not just an initial.
Enter your 'Last Name' (required field)
Enter your publicly available 'Phone' number (required field)
Enter your publicly available 'Email' address (required field)

If you are attending a tour with a group, every member of your group will have to supply their information. For each attendee the following information is required:

Enter 'First Name' (required field)
Enter 'Middle Name'
Enter 'Last Name' (required field)
(???????Enter 'Publicly Available Phone Number' (required field) )
(???????Enter 'Publicly Available Email Address' (required field))

Click the 'Add Attendee' button to add the attendee to the 'Attendees List'
If you have any additional comments to accompany this request, enter them in the 'Tour Comments' field.


The calendar provides a month-by-month view of the availability of time slots for tours. To use the calendar:

  1. Click on the "Calendar" link in the left navigation menu box
  2. When calendar displays check the day you were interested in
    If any of the times and slots are filled, that time will be displayed with a message that it is unavailable. It will read like the following example ~ "Unavailable from 2:00 to 22:00"
  3. To view another month, simply select that month and click on the "Submit" button.


The feedback section allows you to submit questions, comments or concerns to the Diplomatic Reception Tours desk. You can request additional information that you may need prior filling out your request for a tour.

How to use the Feedback form:

  1. Enter your email address in the "From Email" field (required field)
  2. Select one of the general subject areas or select "Other - Enter In Space Provided Below" and then input your specific subject title in the space provided below the selection box (required field)
  3. Enter the message that you would like to address to the Diplomatic Reception Tour Desk (required field)
  4. Click on the "Submit" button to forward email.

About Help

Welcome to the Diplomatic Reception Tour Help Menu. The Table of Contents for the help section is located on the far left frame. You may select your topic from the Table of Contents or navigate from within this main screen.